This tile is designed to allow for you to be able to display a list of dashboards, tiles or a particular tile from PowerBI onto your LiveTiles page.

The Dashboard view

How to Use

In order to use the PowerBI Tile, you will need access to a PowerBI account. Once you place the tile onto the page, you will need to authenticate. This will include the authentication panel opening up on the page allowing you to sign into your account. Once you have authenticated, on the PowerBI tab, you will be able to select which dashboard, list of tiles or tile which you would like to display on your dashboard.

The Tile view

Note: When signing into this tile for the first time, you may be prompted to allow for access for LiveTiles production. This will ask you for various permissions. Due to how the API for authentication works, in that the same API is used for Email, Meetings and Power BI, it will need to be approved. Once this has been approved, you will have granted access across all browsers.



Width - Adjusts the width of the tile, in pixels.

Height - Adjusts the height of the tile, in pixels.
Header Color - Changes the header color of the tile using the color picker.

Background Color - Changes the background color of the tile using the color picker.


Override Page Font - This allows you to override the font family that has been selected if the checkbox is checked.
Font Family – Changes the font family of the items text. Selectable via a dropdown list. (Note: This is only available if Override Page Font has been selected)
Font Size – Changes the size (in pixels) of the items text.
Font Color – Changes the color of the text items. Selectable via the color picker.
Font Style – Changes the style of the text items. Either Italic and/or Underlined.
Font Weight – Changes the weight of the text items. Selectable via dropdown list.

Power BI

Dashboards - This shows you a list of dashboards, while one of these is selected you will display that dashboard, otherwise the tile will show you the list of the tiles in that dashboard.

Start on a Tile - Clicking this will display the list of tiles in the dashboard that you have selected. NOTE: Only appears when a dashboard is selected.

Tile - Allows you to select a tile to start on. NOTE: Only appears when start on a tile is selected.

Hide Title Bar - Clicking this will hide the title bar. NOTE: Only appears when a tile has been selected.


– Changes the depth of the tiles within the page. Selectable via drop-down either Foreground, Background or Custom.

Reorder Within Layer - Changes the depth of the tiles within the layer. Selectable via drop-down either ‘No Change’, ‘Bring to Front’ or ‘Send to Back’.


Tile Visibility – Changes which groups can or cannot view the tile. Selectable via dropdown either Everyone, ‘Only for’ or ‘For everyone except’. When ‘Only for’ or ‘For everyone except’ is selected, a dropdown menu will appear where you can assign groups to the category that was selected.

Lock Tile for Non-owners – Toggles whether only tile can be only modified by an owner

Custom CSS Classes: This section allows you to add multiple Custom CSS classes to the product, allowing you to be able to add custom CSS classes to the tile.