The news tile displays information from a set up list from your space in either a block style format or a card style format.

The news tile

How to use

In order to use the news tile, you will need to set up a list, you will be able to do this from the manage space section found in the side menu.



Height: Sets the height for the news tile.

Width: Sets the width of the news tile

Background Color: Sets the background of the news tile.

Autoplay: Choose whether Autoplay is turned on.

Autoplay speed: Sets the speed of the autoplay.

Show Arrows: Choose to show the arrows on the sliders.

Arrow Color: Selects the colour of the arrows.

Display Style: Selects whether to show block style or card style

Click Behaviour: If card style is show, chooses the click behaviour of the tile

Show Page Bar: Chooses whether to show the page bar

Page Indexes: Chooses the colours of the page indexes.

Image Layout Style: Allows user to choose the style of image.


Item Limit: Allows the user to set a max item limit on the list (NOTE: 0 items means all items)

List: Allows the user to choose which list they are pointing to.


Click Behaviour: Chooses the click behaviour of the tile.

Click Target: Chooses the type the link will open in.

Modal Width: Allows the user to set the width of the modal.

Modal Height: Allows the user to set the height of the modal.

Modal Style: Chooses whether the modal opens in framed or frameless.


Override Page Font: Allows the user to override the page font.

Font Family: Allows the user to choose from a set of fonts or allow the user choose a custom web font.

Font Size: Changes the size of the font.

Font Color: Changes the colour of the font.

Font Style: Allows the user to choose if the font is underlined/Italic.

Font Weight: Allows the user to choose the weight of the font.


Layer: Allows the user to choose the background layer, foreground layer or a custom layer set via the z-index

Reorder within Layer: Allows the user to choose to move the tile to the front of the layer or the back of the layer.


Tile Visibility: Allows the owner to be able to choose what groups the tiles are hidden from/only shown to.

Custom CSS Classes: Allows the user to put custom CSS classes onto the tile allowing them to target the tile using the code snippet tile.