Quick View allows you to be able to preview your work without needing to leave the design canvas. This lets you see how your designs will look on the page without needing to save and click out of the page.

The Quick View tab

How to Use

To use Quick View, you will need to click on the quick view button. This will hide the design tool bar and push the page up. In this mode, you cannot interact with any of the tiles, nor will any of the web part tiles or any code snippets that involve the finished page will work.

In the top right corner of the page, you will also have four options:

Go to Page: This will take you straight to the page. If you have not saved the page, you will be prompted with a dialogue box asking if you want to leave the page with your last change.

Save: If you have already saved the page, you will be able to click this button to save the page.

Save As: You will be able to save the page as either a normal page or a template here.

Resume Designing: You will be able to click this button to go back to design view and make changes to your page.