A tile that embeds a Bing Map onto your LiveTiles page.


The Bing Map tile

How to Use

Once you have placed the Bing map onto the page, you will be able to choose a location to display on the map via the settings.



Width – Adjusts the width of the tile, in pixels.
Height – Adjusts the height of the tile, in pixels.
Background Color – Changes the background color of the tile using the color picker.


Left Text Field – The location of the Pin.
Right Text Field – The name of the Pin.
Delete Button – Removes Pin.
Add Button – Adds a Pin.


Layer – Changes the depth of the tiles within the page. Selectable via dropdown either Foreground, Background or Custom.
Reorder Within Layer - Changes the depth of the tiles within the layer. Selectable via dropdown either ‘No Change’, ‘Bring to Front’ or ‘Send to Back’.


Tile Visibility – Changes which groups can or cannot view the tile. Selectable via dropdown either Everyone, ‘Only for’ or ‘For everyone except’. When ‘Only for’ or ‘For everyone except’ is selected, a dropdown menu will appear where you can assign groups to the category that was selected.
Lock Tile for Non-owners – Toggles whether only tile can be only modified by an owner.
Custom CSS Classes: This section allows you to add multiple Custom CSS classes to the product, allowing you to be able to add custom CSS classes to the tile.