Wireframe mode is a page style that can be enabled from the page settings, and then toggled on/off from the canvas. This mode you to build and share pages in a low fidelity style, allowing the ability to collaborate on page layout and function before discussing high fidelity considerations, such as color and font.

Wireframe Mode

How to use

In order to turn Wireframe Mode on, you will need to go to the page settings. At the bottom of the page, there will be a toggle called Enable Wireframe Mode. Once this has been selected and the settings are saved, you will have a new button appear in the top right corner of your page. When you click on this, the style of the page will change to Wireframe Mode. This will change the font to a sketch style font, the tiles to grayscale, and make the tiles look more hand drawn.

You will be able to focus on function and placing in this mode, as color and fonts styles will not be applied until Wireframe Mode has been turned off. In addition, when you save the page, the Wireframe style will be saved, allowing the page designer to be able to share the page in the low fidelity view of Wireframe Mode to allow for feedback.

In addition, if you enable the setting to allow other users to toggle Wireframe Mode on/off, the people are viewing the page will be able to turn off Wireframe Mode to see what the page will look like in high fidelity, with color and font choices.