This article will go through the steps of embedding an excel spreadsheet into your LiveTiles Design page using the code snippet tool

NOTE: Before you embed a workbook on your LiveTiles page you will need to make sure it's shared with all relevant people that you want to view the workbook.

How To

Getting the URL to the public Workbook

1. Select the More menu next the workbook and click a guest link

2. Select the guest link URL, copy it and paste it into notepad

3. To allow the workbook to be embeded you will need to change the URL as follows

  • To present the workbook as an embedded workbook, add the URL parameter action=embedview at the end of the URL string.
  • To allow interactivity with filters and Pivot tables in the workbook, add the URL parameter wdAllowInteractivity=True.
  • To have BI features such as Power View visualizations, PivotTables, and Data Model-based slicers work in the embedded workbook, add the string &wdbipreview=True.
The Final URL should the look similar to this one:


Additional Parameters.

In addition, you will also be able to add in additional parameters to you embed.

An example Embed URL would be:

<iframe width="500" height="200" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src=" https://host/personal/user/_layouts/15/guestaccess.aspx?guestaccesstoken=2UdAHGlFpWVaJjkI32xuisKCQsULG6M6b%2fIjG1LYpRM%3d&docid=166d02b42f5a1443781a1de428d9518ee&action=embedview&wdbipreview=true&wdHideSheetTabs=true&wdAllowInteractivity=True& Item=PivotTable1& ActiveCell=B4&wdHideGridlines=True &wdHideHeaders=True& wdDownloadButton=True”>

The following table shows the options available and describes the effect on how the workbook is portrayed:

URL Parameter Effect Default
Hides the sheet tabs that are displayed at the bottom of all sheets in a workbook.
Lets you interact with the data if your workbook has a table or PivotTable that can be sorted and filtered
Displays a specific item. If your workbook includes a chart, table, PivotTable, or named range, and you want to display only one of the items in your web page, use the Item parameter to specify that item.
Not Set
Specifies the active (selected) cell in the embedded workbook when the web page opens. You can specify the active cell by cell reference (such as A1) or by name.

You can also use this parameter to define the active sheet by selecting a cell in that sheet. If you want to select a Power View sheet as active, set this parameter to A1, even though there is no grid on a Power View sheet.

If you don't specify the active cell, the last saved view will be shown.
The last saved view will be shown.
Hides worksheet gridlines for a cleaner look.
Hides the column and row headers.
 Includes the Download button so viewers can download their own copy of the workbook. False

Changing the size of the Modal

In addition you can change the size of the modal by changing the following:

<iframe width="201" height="173" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">

Width - Changes the width of the iframe

Height - Changes the height of the iframe

Frameborder - Sets the thickness of the frameborder

Scrolling - Sets the iframe to whether a user can scroll in it or not