This article describes how to set up an Announcements List within SharePoint. Within LiveTiles Design, Announcements Lists are used for the News tile, News List tile and Card Slider tile. Design also has a custom announcements list page, which can be used to display an Announcements List in a beautiful, configurable column.

An Example Announcement List

How To

Creating the List

To set up the announcement list:

- View the Site Contents of the site/sub-site that will be making use of the list (Available from the Cog at top right of screen)

- Click "New list", and select Announcement List

- If the Announcement List has been successfully created, the user will then be taken to the announcement list page

Adding Custom Fields

To make the list fully compatible with LiveTiles Design, a few other steps need to be undertaken:

- On the announcement list page, click Edit this List

- Add in three more fields in order for the list to work

  • Name: "Image" / type: image
    This stores the image which will appear as the preview image on the news list, news and card slider tiles
  • Name: "Pinned" / type: checkbox
  • Name: "Critical" / type: checkbox¬†
    These are used to alter the states of these items in the announcement list pages.

Once saved, the user should be able to use this list to work with any of the LiveTiles news tiles.