This article is about outlining the installation of LiveTiles Design in a case where there is one site collection containing many subsites, each subsite having a different audience of users.  This case is only to be used in this situation, and not recommended outside of this scenario.

When installing LiveTiles Design onto a single site collection that contains many subsites, the "LiveTiles Designers" and "LiveTiles Owners" groups - the groups users join to gain access to the designer for creating or editing pages - will  enable access to content in subsites, or save to those subsites.  In order to limit user interaction with other subsites, the inheritance of permissions in subsites must be disable and group permissions will have to be set on a subsite-by-subsite basis. This enables each unique audience to see a different perspective on the site collection, even while participating in the "LiveTiles Designers" or "LiveTiles Owners" groups.

To start, the site collection owner will have to navigate to specific subsites where these groups will be created.  In this example, the second "New Subsite" is being used.  Inside of the subsite, navigate to the "Site settings", which can be found within the cog in the upper right hand of the page.  Once the site settings page opens, a user account with appropriate user permissions, can modify the site permissions and remove subsite inheritance.  Removing the subsite inheritance will prevent any permission modification of the root site collection affecting the subsite.

Navigating to Inheritance:

1) Click on the subsite of choice.

2) Click on the cog in the upper right and click on "Site settings".

3) Click on "Site permissions".

4) Click on "Stop Inheriting Permissions".

Note:  If the user sees "Delete unique permissions" in the top left under inheritance, the settings are already in place and the inheritance step can be skipped.

5) View of the settings when inheritance is turned off.

The groups LiveTiles Owners and LiveTiles Designers are given Design level access to the root site collection. These by default are inherited by all subsites.  In order to block access to certain subsites for anyone in the LiveTiles Owners or LiveTiles Designers groups, inheritance must be disabled on those subsites, and then the LiveTiles groups need to be removed from the list, specifically the group or groups that are being given limitations.  For certain LiveTiles Designers or LiveTiles Owners members to edit pages in one of these restricted subsites, they must be given Design level access by adding them directly to the subsite permissions list with Design level access, or by adding them to a non-LiveTiles group that has Design level access to the subsite.  If a new group needs to be created, at the end of the creation process is an option to "Give Group Permission to this Site".

Inherited Groups to Remove:

1) Check the boxes of "LiveTiles Designers" and "LiveTiles Owners" and delete the groups.

To create a new group, navigate to the "Site settings" from the cog in the upper right, this time clicking on the "People and groups" section under the "Users and Permissions".  When a list of groups appears, click on the "More..." at  the bottom, which will lead to a view that contains all of the groups.  Clicking "New" will lead to the group creation page.  At the bottom of this page is an option to give the group specific permissions.  This is where "Design" will be selected.  Once the group is successfully created and the permissions are set to "Design", users can be added to the group.  Users within that subsite group will be able to see that specific subsite.

Group Creation:

1) Click on the cog in the upper right and click "Site settings".

2) Click on "People and groups".

3) Click on "More..."

4) Click on "New"

5) Fill out group information.

6) Click the checkbox for "Design" and create the group.

7) Verify that the group has permission levels set to "Design.

Now, users added to this new group will have sufficient permissions to open pages in the designer and save pages into the site from the designer.