People Search Pages are our take on the People Search results page that is displayed when you search for colleagues within the entire site. This page will allow you to not only be able to find people, but also give you the option to directly email, start a Yammer conversation or a Skype call directly from the results page.

The People Search Page (List View)

The People Search Page (Card View)

In order for user to be able to view the list page, users will need at the minimum read permissions for LiveTiles Design/Mosaic subsite.

Accessing the People Search Pages

In order to access People Search Pages, you will need to use the People Search Tile to take advantage of People Search Pages. Once this tile is dragged onto the canvas, you will be able to set up how the tile displays on the page. You will be able to change the colours of the tile, as well as the display format of the People Search Page.

Accessing From a Non Search Tile

If you would like to access the list pages using a non-search tile (i.e. a rectangle tile or a morphing tile), you can open the list by using a URL which points to the people search page in the following format:


Additional customization can be achieved by adding query parameters to your URL.

The following table shows you the special query parameters supported.


Value Example






Accent font color (header, menu, overlays, etc.)




Color of active icons




Accent background color

 templateNames  Table/Card  No Sets the default display type to table or card.
 query  New%20York  No Sets a default query.

Using the People Search Page

When you first enter the People Search Page, you will see a set of cards which will show a group of people in alphabetical order. Each card will show the user in a picture, as well as the user's name, title and location should this info be available.

If you would like to view a particular person's Delve profile, you will be able to click on that person's icon. In order to have access to email, Skype or Yammer, you will need to click on the favicon icon which is located on the bottom right of the card in card view, or by the sideways favicon in list view. This will open up an overlay which will show three options and move the favicon to the top right of the card, or the left right of the list item, respectively. You will be able to send an email or start a Skype call by clicking on the respective button. Clicking on the favicon again will close the item.

If you would like to swap between the two views, you will be able to do this by clicking on the icon in the top right of the page.

In addition, you will be able to search available users by using the search function at the top of the page. This will allow you to be able to search by indexed profile information such as name, title or location in order to find the person you are looking for.

More Options (list)

More Options (card)