If you would like to contact support, inquire about other LiveTiles products or to view and/or add an idea for improving LiveTiles Design, then you would be able to do this from the Support tab on the landing page.

The support tab

Contact Support

When you click on the Contact Support button, the your email client will open and will be pre-populated with the email address of the support account for LiveTiles. When the email is sent off to this account, a support ticket is created, which allows us to track the issue as well as keep in contact with you to keep you up to date on the issue.


When you click on the Enquiry button, a new window is opened up which leads to the enquiry form on the LiveTiles website. Here, you will be able to enquire about other LiveTiles products, increasing the subscription should you need more seats or make general enquiries about the company.

Ideas Portal

When you click on the Ideas Portal button, a new window is opened which leads to the LiveTiles Design Ideas Portal. Here you will be able to sign up for an account. You do not need an account to browse the already existing ideas. Once you have an account, you will be able to pitch your own ideas, vote on other ideas and comment on other ideas.