This block adds a custom list to the site that you are creating. A custom list is a list that allows you to add in any type of field that you would like. This list is used in conjunction with the My List tile, the News Tile and the Card Slider tile.

The custom list, when created via LiveTiles Build will have the following field:

Title: This allows you to put in the title of the list item. This field is a text field.


When you drag the Custom List block onto the page you will be prompted with a dialogue box with the following fields:

List Name: This field gives a name to the list. When the list has been created, this will the name that will be assigned to the list

Description: In this field, you will have the ability to put in a description of the list.

In addition, when opening the custom list, if you click on the custom code tab, you will be able to add in extra columns or features if you have powershell knowledge.