In the product, you will be able to save the changes that you have made to the page, save pages as a template for future use as well as save pages to export.

The Save As tab

How To Use:

When you first open a page, you will only be shown the Save As button. When you click on this button, you will be shown three options:

Save: This saves the page as a normal .aspx page. You will be directed to save this page the their sites Site Pages folder, with the option to move it to another folder via clicking the magnifying glass to open the asset picker.

Save As Template: This allows you to save the page as a template. This will be saved into a list, and you will be able to manage these from the landing page should they be part of the LiveTiles Owners group.

Save As Export: This allows you to save the page as an Export. When this option is clicked, the page is downloaded as a .JSON file which is named after what the page is currently saved as.

After you save the page for the first time, you will be prompted with a dialogue box which gives you three options:

Home: This will take the you back to the landing page.

Go To Page: This will take the you to the page you have just saved.

Keep Designing: This will allow you to keep on designing on your page.

Once the page has been saved for the first time, the save button will appear on the design canvas. When you click on this button, this will automatically save the page at the point in time you clicked on the button.

In addition, there will also be a go to page button. This button, when clicked on will take you to view the page you are working on. However if you have not saved the page, you will be prompted with a dialogue box asking if you would like to leave the page before you have saved your last changes.