We'll walk you through how to install LiveTiles Blueprint into your environment, step by step. 


But first, these are the following requirements needed before installing LiveTiles Blueprint:

  1. An account with Tenant Administration permissions 
  2. The LiveTiles Blueprint SharePoint app 
  3. A valid LiveTiles Build license key 
  4. An installed app catalogue

Installation Steps

  1. Logged into an account with tenant administration permissions, open up the admin portal from your SharePoint tenant. 
  2. On the sidebar, underneath the admin tab, click on the SharePoint link. This will open up the SharePoint admin console in a new window. 
  3. On the sidebar, click on the Apps link. 
  4. Click on the App Catalogue button. If an app catalogue hasn't been created, this will prompt to create one, once this is done, it will take you to your app catalogue. If you already have one, this will take you to your app catalogue. 
  5. On the sidebar, click the Apps for SharePoint link. 
  6. Upload the LiveTiles Blueprint SharePoint app here. 
  7. Open up the site collection which you would like to install LiveTiles Blueprint onto. 
  8. Open up the site contents and select add an app. 
  9. Select the LiveTiles Blueprint app and install it onto your site collection. 
  10. Open up the LiveTiles Blueprint. 
  11. You will be prompted to enter in your license key at this point. 
  12. Once you have entered in a license key, you're all set!