We'll walk you through how to install LiveTiles Design into your environment, step by step.

Note: These instructions also apply for LiveTiles Mosaic.

The LiveTiles Design Manager.


To install LiveTiles Design, you need:

  1. An Office 365 account with Tenant Administration permissions
  2. The LiveTiles Design SharePoint app, and a valid license key
    You should receive the installation file and license key in an email when you purchase LiveTiles Design. If you did not receive your installation file or license key, please contact support.

Note: For the responsive layout to work properly, you will need to turn off mobile redirection. In order to do this, go into Manage Site Features under site actions. From here, you will need to go to Mobile Browser View and deactivate it. You will also need to do this for the LiveTiles Design subsite in order to get list pages to work.

Installation Steps

NOTE: If you have custom scripting turned on, begin from step 7.
  1. Log into an account with tenant administration permissions, then open up the admin portal from your SharePoint tenant. You can access this from your SharePoint site by clicking on the top left icon and selecting admin.

  2. On the sidebar, underneath the admin centers tab, click on the SharePoint link. This will open up the SharePoint admin console in a new window.

  3. On the sidebar, click on the settings link.

  4. Under Custom Script choose allow users to run custom script on personal sites.
  5.  Allow users to run custom script on self-service creates sites.

  6. Click OK. It takes up to 24 hours for the change to take effect.
  7. On the sidebar, click on the Apps link. This is located on the side of the SharePoint admin console. 

  8. Click on the App Catalog  button. If an app catalogue hasn't been created, this will prompt to create one, once this is done, it will take you to your app catalogue. If you already have one, this will take you to your app catalogue.

  9. On the sidebar, click the Apps for SharePoint link.

  10. Upload the LiveTiles Design SharePoint app here.
  11. Open up the site collection which you would like to install LiveTiles Design onto.
  12. Open up the site contents and select add an app.

  13. Select the LiveTiles Design Manager app and install it onto your site collection.
  14. Open up the LiveTiles Design Manager app.
  15. Click on the Install button.
  16. Once the installation has been completed, click on the Go To LiveTiles Design button.
  17. You will be prompted to enter in your license key at this point.
  18. Once you have entered in a license key, you're all set!